To me, a good blog is a personal encounter that provides news, resources and experience. I'm going to try to do just that for elearning, right here. I enjoy a blog with the kind of stuff that Google can find, but I'd never know to look for.

The news and resources stuff is obvious, since we've all stumbled on gem-quality links that way. I hope you'll find some of those here.

The challenge will be to make this blog personal and experiential-- those are the things that turn bits of data into bits of wisdom from someone you know and trust. That will take time and a few more posts, but I'll try to do that too.

How? I'm not entirely sure. 15 years of experience will help... I've earned my M.A. in Instructional Design, done it for a living, built custom CBT/elearning, sold tools, helped design/build/popularize an LMS (and elearning standards) and more. The most valuable part of all that was the good friends and good contacts I've made along the way. I'll do my best to benevolently exploit all of them.

Oh, and watch for quirky puns, analogies and anecdotes. Those are things that make context and make something memorable. I may forget the exact content of this Jay Cross post on "mobile learning", but I will forever remember his boyhood home phone number-- 2. "When I was a little boy growing up in Hope, Arkansas..."