Spot. Not the dog. Not the Microsoft internet watches. Nope, it is "Spot learning". It sounds a lot like what Macromedia has been talking about as "rapid elearning" (Nov 2003 ELearning Day, white papers). Well, not just Macromedia, many others too. For example, Bersin & Associates has been talking about rapid elearning for some time (Training 2004 course from Feb-Mar 2004).

Anyway, here is an article that instroduced me to "Spot Learning". It is from Elearn Magazine, an offshoot of ACM (Association for Computing Machinery). The interview starts with an analogy, so I was sold immediately. Plus it is only 2 quick pages. A worthwhile read if you like making connections and finding new resources.

“Spot Learning”: An Interview with Jonathon Levy

So that is the upside, connections & validation. Now for me, there are only so many (overtime) hours in the day. Thus, the question becomes-- is ACM yet another association I should (re)join to keep up on elearning? I'm going to follow Elearn Magazine for awhile and I'll keep you posted.