Feedback and Elearning – Go Rapid

When I was in high school, feedback was Pete Townshend manipulating his guitar to eek shrieks and squeals out of Hi-Watt amps. By college, I thought of it as feedback loops and bio-feedback. In grad school, it became assessments and course evaluations, and applying the Kirkpatrick model. In my early CBT days feedback was capturing […]

Rapid Elearning by another name- “Spot”

Spot. Not the dog. Not the Microsoft internet watches. Nope, it is “Spot learning”. It sounds a lot like what Macromedia has been talking about as “rapid elearning” (Nov 2003 ELearning Day, white papers). Well, not just Macromedia, many others too. For example, Bersin & Associates has been talking about rapid elearning for some time […]

Elearning Discussions- Breeze Live and Almost Live

Almost Live was a great local sketch comedy series done in Seattle. For years (1984-99), a troupe of talented Seattleites did topical humor and inside jokes on Boeing, Microsoft, and local neighborhoods. It came on right before Saturday Night Live, and was the best 25 minute warm-up that SNL never knew it had. Even if […]

Elearning Benefits, Costs, and Champions

This was supposed to be a post on the intersection of Knowledge Management and elearning, but the research brought be around to Marc Rosenberg’s book [ – eLearning] and the review on Jay Cross’s web site. Marc has a deep background with AT&T and is well respected. Rather than retread I’ll retire and refer you […]

Elearning Market 32% CAGR in UAE

According to recent research conducted by the Dubai based Madar Research Group, the market is expected to grow at a compound average growth rate (CAGR) of 32 per cent in the United Arab Emirates. The growth in the e-learning market will cover content providers, technology providers… [Online Learning Update] Clearly this “e-learning thing” is neither […]

News, resources and experience

To me, a good blog is a personal encounter that provides news, resources and experience. I’m going to try to do just that for elearning, right here. I enjoy a blog with the kind of stuff that Google can find, but I’d never know to look for. The news and resources stuff is obvious, since […]