Moving on from Macromedia/Adobe

In case you missed reading it at my official Macromedia blog (Elearning Moving Forward), I have moved on from Adobe. December 9, 2005 was officially my last day. Hopefully Silke Fleischer (and others?) will continue the Elearning Blog in my absence.

I just got a new laptop today and I can’t wait get started on some new projects. All the software I ordered from Adobe just can’t arrive soon enough.

Here are some of the things I plan on working on in 2006:

  • Updates to the AICC PENS documentation and Test Harness
    (see forum posts here)
  • A PENS Test Suite/Server-side Validater in PHP (Hint: send an email to and I’ll let you know where the test suite lives right now)
  • Updates to this site and the blog format
  • Posting more regularly on the ASTD Learning Circuits Blog (there’s serious dust on my last entry)
  • Getting more proficient with S1000D
  • Thinking about a consistent way to track learner activity in virtual classrooms (see Learning Circuits entry above)
  • Working with lots of the friends I’ve made over the years
  • Doing more with simulations and Captivate and Flash and maybe even Flex
  • Maybe even writing a book