Despite the title, I must go on with this to share my experience with blogging tools.

Qumana versus w.bloggar. Bottom line: w.bloggar wins as a client-side online/offline tool for making blog entries. I'd like to know if anyone knows of something better, and if anyone has had success running w.bloggar off as USB stick as a portable application. Now for the details.

I need an online/offine blogging tool, ideally supporting Windows and Palm, and the blogging software/services from Blogger and Movable Type.

When only dealing with the Movable Type application, I really like Sharp MT from (plus his blog is much more than mildly amusing). Pocket SharpMT is is also available for PocketPC and I used these tools quite happily for my old Macromedia blog hosted on Movable Type. Unfortunately, I now have need to post on several blogs including other blogging hosts/services, and SharpMT doesn't support Blogger.

I REALLY like w.bloggar, but there are a few nits (no technorati tags, no automated pings, no support for advertising links, podcast support needs updates). The w.bloggar set-up is quick and relatively intuitive. It has a good editor with tools for inserting/formatting common HTML tags, and the ability to display a preview OR view the raw HTML. It also supports multiple blogs using multiple different services, includes spell check, and the ability to retrieve/edit old posts as well as save drafts locally, publish, or publish and post entries. It is also installs as less than <4MB, where as Qumana is closer to 9MB.

I thought I would like Qumana, but I personally found it annoying during a brief trial because:

Know of something better than w.bloggar? If it's not Qumana, then please let me know. There, the blogging about blogging is out of my system. For now.