Mobilemind RSS Feed Change- January 12, 2006

Just an administrative note that the proper feed is now: In an attempt to somewhat satisfy Feed Validator, I changed the file extension of my feed to “.xml” instead of “.rdf”. This eliminates a few of the Feed Validator errors. I’m hoping that will make things more palatable to technorati and the Macromedia/Adobe MXNA […]

Simulations are Speaking

Expect to see increased use of animated, speaking characters as guides, customers and colleagues in elearning this year and next. The tool are becoming more powerful, more approachable and more pervasive. Output to Flash SWF format makes it much easier to incorporate these characters into elearning, whether you use Authorware, Breeze, Captivate, Dreamweaver, Flash, Lectora […]

Speaking of Simulations

There is alot going on with simulations lately. Learning Circuits Blog- Clark Aldrich and others have been having a running dialog on the ASTD Learning Circuits Blog. I particularly liked the “SimWord of the Day” series that started back around the 18th of December 2005 AICC Simulation Forum- The AICC will be hosting a mini-forum […]

Talking Head Video is Boring… or is it?

Blog reader Paul Colombo of webLearning wrote to let me know this Jakob Nielsen article was recently slashdotted. Summary:Eyetracking data show that users are easily distracted when watching video on websites, especially when the video shows a talking head and is optimized for broadcast rather than online viewing. That quote is from Jakob Nielsen’s post. […]