Too early for mobile learning? Or is it?

This domain is going on 3 years old. I got it in February of 2003 expecting to start a whole site on Mobile Elearning. With Flash on PDA’s and heading to phone I then thought the timing was right. It was definitely too early. I think we’re getting close now though. Since this is Mobilemind, maybe it’s time to share some links and resource for information on Mobile Learning.

Some of these resources are getting a bit dated, but they are good places to start investigating mobile learning.

  • Mobile Learning Example – Example of useful, relevant practical elearning. American Sign Language Finger Spelling available for Pocket PC’s in Flash 6 and Flash Lite 1.1
  • Elearnopedia m-Learning – As of this writing it seems like this was last updated in 2004, but the information on this ADL Co-Lab site is still useful.
  • Mobile Learning Group resource center – A site that has useful links to research and resource for those interested in mobile learning.
  • M-Learning Project– Resources and demos from a European research project that generated mobile learning in support of adult and continuing education.
  • Mobilearn – Another European project. This project focuses more on the collaborative, on-demand, and location-based aspects of mobile learning. Giunti is acting as coordinator and they have been very active in the mobile learning space.

Send me a note at if you have an interesting mobile elearning project that you would like to share.