Right Answer: Treo, Ultra Portable, or Laptop

Based on my last post, Paul C thought I was carrying a lot of junk. It’s really quite small considering the SD card goes inside the Treo and I’ve added a charge/sync cable. Click the picture to see an actual size image. For me, this is a compliment to a laptop, with the minimum capabilities […]

How I Mobilize- Treo, PC and Apps

Someone asked about what I use for mobile work since I wrote about SyncToy and I’ve written about PortableApps.com before. Here’s the details on hardware and my must have applications, that I use in conjunction with the SyncToy trick I wrote about yesterday. Hardware– I use a Palm Treo 650 GSM that I paid to […]

Using Microsoft PowerToys for Portable Apps & Elearning

I have some cool tips on use of the free Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP , specifically SyncToy and Taskbar Magnifier. Cool tip #1: Set-up your Portable applications per the instructions on PortableApps.com. Then go get the Microsoft SyncToy. Create a SyncToy folder pair and auto-magically synchronize your desk/lap-top and the portable drive. Then you […]

One stop for LMS Info: Brandon Hall "LMS Central"

Just noticed this in the new Brandon Hall Research Newsletter; they’ve created "LMS Central" to consolidate all their reports, vendor profiles, comparison lists and LMS-related workshops. Very handy if you need to shop or just keep current.

AICC News now online

A few weeks ago I was elected as AICC Communication Chairperson. Since then, I’ve taken on the task of doing some updates to the AICC website, including adding the AICC News blog. I encourage you to check it out if you’re interested in seeing some pretty good presentations on elearning and staying current on elearning […]

CourseBuilder Beta available for Dreamweaver 8

Adobe (as Macromedia) selected Rapid Intake to oversee the future of CourseBuilder and the Flash Learning Interactions. A beta version of CourseBuilder for Dreamweaver 8 is now available from the Rapid Intake website. Updates are summarized here, (text repeated below for convenience): CourseBuilder for Dreamweaver 8 BETA release: We have completed internal development and QA […]

What if… Google Pack for Elearning

What would a Google Pack for elearning look like? Are there free or open source equivalents for common elearning developer tools? What about administrators and learners? Here’s my quick stab at these ideas. Those using RSS feed will likely need to read this post on the web site to view the HTML tables that follow. […]