Adobe (as Macromedia) selected Rapid Intake to oversee the future of CourseBuilder and the Flash Learning Interactions. A beta version of CourseBuilder for Dreamweaver 8 is now available from the Rapid Intake website. Updates are summarized here, (text repeated below for convenience):

CourseBuilder for Dreamweaver 8 BETA release: We have completed internal development and QA testing for the Dreamweaver 8 update. We are fixing some known bugs in the current version of CourseBuilder as well as making sure it is compatible with Dreamweaver 8 for both the PC and MAC. We expect the final version to be released by March 1.

It will be nice to have CourseBuilder working well and stable with Dreamweaver 8. I'm also hoping for more features and tighter SCORM 1.2/2004 integration in subsequent releases.