Based on my last post, Paul C thought I was carrying a lot of junk. It's really quite small considering the SD card goes inside the Treo and I've added a charge/sync cable. Click the picture to see an actual size image.
Treo kit

For me, this is a compliment to a laptop, with the minimum capabilities I need in a very mobile form. I don't want to regularly bring a laptop to lunch, use it in parking lots, or stores, but the Treo is perfect for all that and takes calls too.

With the 2GB card I have 1GB+ to spare after loading Gaim, Firefox, Thunderbird, N-vu, and other junk. Plenty of space for transporting the equivalent of a CD-R or two inside my phone if I need to transport data. When I need a laptop, I want the ability to drive one or preferably TWO 1600x1200 displays. That is called for when working on training for avionics displays that run natively at 1280x1024. I really want a desktop-peer, a "luggable", when I want a computer.

For Paul, he probably wants more capabilities than the Treo + PortableApps can offer- a better keyboard, bigger screen, "real" apps, no worries about the OS or configuration issues on "other" machines and so on. A 7 lbs. dreadnought Dell, tank-esque ThinkPad or overweight Alien craft would break his back more than bring "on-the-flyweight" mobile productivity like his Sony TR.

I actually considered all of the computers just listed, and think they all have their merits.

The right answer? D) All of the above. Needs vary too widely for anyone to prescribe universal solutions.