I had a great time at the Questionmark User Conference last week in San Francisco. Thanks again to all the Questionmarkers who made it such a wonderful experience.

My presentation was on Monday, with Robby Robson from IEEE LTSC and Eduworks, and Chuck Allen from the HR-XML Consortium. You can download a copy of the presentation here: 2006 Elearning Standards Panel (562K, PDF).

Eric Shepherd of Questionmark acted as the moderator did a great job of introducing standards and the panel, and explaining how Questionmark supports standards. Robby Robson addressed the rationale for elearning standards, and provided a sort of "state of standards" overview. I gave my take on ADL and AICC, and an overview of the elearning PENS specification (Package Exchange Notification Services). Chuck Allen explained how HR-XML works to allow "arms-length" partners and intermediaries to interact using web services. A very practical use of web services and XML gateways to enable secure transactions for HR, like resume extraction, background checks, assessments and more. Take a look at the presentation if you're interested in any of this.

I went to a few other sessions and overall, I'd highly recommend this conference to everyone who uses Questionmark. Fantastic uses cases and best practices from other customers, friendly & helpful folks everywhere, focused technical sessions with their tech teams, a chance to steer product directions, and great keynote speakers like Elliott Masie and Allison Rossett.