I noticed that only 1of leading LMS vendor has their current product certified by AICC. Only one major LMS has a current SCORM 2004 Certification. Read on to find out who IS certified. Curious who isn't certified right now for either standard? As of this writing I don't see Oracle, Saba, SAP, or SumTotal when I look on the AICC site (AICC Certified Products), nor do I see any of those products on the ADL SCORM 2004 Certified Products list.

Hmm, sorta makes you wonder why companies have problems integrating their content with their LMS.

Not that the issue is entirely on the LMS side. I don't see many content vendors with current AICC Certification either though. No current AICC certification for Articulate, DazzlerMax, Lectora Publisher, and ToolBook to name a few. There are quite a few I didn't name too.

Content tools fare much better with SCORM 2004 certification , where you will see that Adobe Breeze, Adobe Captivate, Articulate Presenter, EEDO ForceTen, OutStart Evolution and ToolBook are all listed.

Time to run off to Masie's LMS 2006 Users Group that is running right now. It is no wonder that this event sold out.

PS- Plateau has both AICC certification and SCORM 2004 certification currently. The only one out there as far as I can tell.