Some other good SCORM news is that Rustici Software is working on a testing tool that will help clarify/visualize Simple Sequencing and Navigation Rules and the resulting activity tree. Beta testing should begin soon, so look for an announcement or contact them if you are interested.

Last month, I bashed a few LMS vendors about not caring about certification for SCORM and AICC (or the glaring lack of certification).

Kudos to Saba for stepping up and getting Saba Enterprise Learning Suite 5.3 certified for SCORM 2004 2nd Edition (Test Suite 1.3.3) in April. Now all Saba is missing is a current AICC certification.

Hopefully, we'll see some other vendors step up to the plate soon for AICC, and/or at least announce a position regarding SCORM 2004 certification (e.g., are they waiting for 3rd Edition?). I'd still love to see a current certification for Oracle, SAP, or SumTotal.