Rapid Intake took on the task of updating CourseBuilder and Flash Learning interactions last year. Now they've released an updated forms-based elearning tool that is AICC and SCORM compatible- Flashform Rapid eLearning Studio 2.

Flashform looks a lot like the server-based tools you might see from Qmind, Mohive or CourseAvenue. However, it is client side and advanced developers can customize or extend it using Flashform source FLA and XML files. This is a sort of third category of Flash tool. It falls between the sometimes intimidating option of coding Flash content from the ground-up and the constraints of Powerpoint-based elearning converters (Articulate Presenter or Breeze) However, it doesn't assume that one needs the content management and workflow capabilities of the flexible server-based template and form authoring solutions like Qmind. Check it out. Check them all out; there isn't one tool that is a universal solution for all needs.