My preferred offline/client-side tool, w.bloggar, is back online after some time away. Something went weird with w.bloggar for me July-ish and I couldn't post using it. I looked for a new copy, but the site was down since at least early August. Meantime, I had been using the Blogger site to do my entries and felt some frustration, so I tried another free blogging client, Qumana. I had tried it once before in a sort of w.bloggar versus Qumana shoot-out. Although Qumana 3 beta 5 is significantly nicer than what I tried before, but still not my cup of tea. If necessary (like w.bloggar doesn't work for THIS post), I'll go back to Qumana.

For now, w.bloggar works best for me and I'm now using w.bloggar v4.00.193 which you can download from the resurrected bare-bones site. Don't let the placeholder-style site fool you. This is a great tool. Then again, if there's something better... just let me know.