I'm back from the Adobe MAX Conference where I did a session on Elearning Standards. I hope to get my content posted to the Adobe site this week. If you missed MAX, John Dowdell has nice terse summaries and links to the relevant detailed summations. The more punctual speakers already have their presentations available on the MAX site.

Meanwhile, I updated the Elearning Events Calendar with a few events going out as far as March 2007 (EuroTAAC) and June of 2007 (Training Directors Forum).

Next week will be really interesting at the Learning 2006 Conference organized by Elliott Masie. It is the first time I will be attending as a Masie Fellow and I will help facilitate some of the "Great Debates" like, Instructional Design is Dead and Rapid Elearning: Speed or Quality. There will be a mock boxing ring and participants are encouraged to take strong positions instead of the typical wishy-washy "it all depends" positions so easy to adopt in the world of instructional design. The Masie Center has lined up some great thinkers and speakers, and the Learning Wiki will be reprised this year as an asset and forum for participants.