Articulate Engage is an awesome tool to add to your rapid elearning quiver. It isn't the standard PowerPoint-to-Flash tool, nor is it another capture-based tool like TechSmith Camtasia or Qarbon ViewletCam.

Engage gives you interactions that break out of the rapid elearning tutorial "box" that can corner you into only "click next to continue" or "insert multiple choice here." Instead it gives you bigger, broader user interactions like a timeline for discovery learning and common interactions to communicate business concepts like nested circles, marketecture pyramid diagrams, glossaries, etc.

The interactions in Articulate Engage are simple to build and you don't have to snap together a dozen of the tiniest legos in the box to get complete useful interaction structures. Even better, they also give some contemporary looking eye-candy, so business content can look great without making you struggle to become a Photoshop wizard just for clean, current-looking buttons.

Engage isn't intended to replace a tool like Breeze/Connect, or Captivate-- in fact it integrates nice & tight and adds value to the Articulate Presenter PPT-to-Flash tool. Check out the free trial while it is available-
  Download Articulate Engage trial copy.