On November 10th at 10am Pacific [1pm Eastern] I'm hosting an Adobe eSeminar on Improving Elearning Experiences with Captivate 2. The presenter is Paul Clothier who will demonstrate design approaches and Captivate techniques that will help you create more compelling content. He has come clever menu example and will discuss use of FLV video with Captivate.

I'm looking forward to this one because I know Paul and most of the session will be demonstration. Last week at Learning 2006, Elliott Masie had everyone on a "2 slides" PowerPoint restriction. That wasn't quite achieved, but the principle did lead to more engaging discussion.

Register for the Captivate 2 seminar online. The same page will enable you to register for that session, as well as the December session with Dr. Michael Allen. Both sessions are also listed on the Elearning Events calendar that I maintain.