I am at Masie's Learning 2006 having a great time working, learning and networking. This is the most lively I've seen this conference or its predecessor since 1998 or so. Lots of GREAT speakers, new ideas, new vibrant attendees, fun things, compelling discussions/sharing and cool technologies too. I've posted to the Learning 2006 Wiki twice already. It is good, but the days get long. I'm schmoozed-out and it is now 12:50am. I look at the session I'm involved with tomorrow:

Great Debate: 610 Instructional Design is Dead!

I open my email and there's a note from Tony Karrer. He's asking me to re-engage with the ASTD Learning Circuits Blog and join in the fray on this month's Big Question:

Are ISD/ADDIE/HPT relevant in a world of rapid elearning, faster time-to-performance, and informal learning?

Hmm, are we spotting a trend here? Mid-life crisis for Instructional Design? (Can't be me, I sold my convertible last August. sniff)

Or this like that triple-positive biorhythm day in college where you could turn the same paper in for 2 or 3 classes? Hmm, speaking of college maybe I should go back to school and study Competencies or Knowledge Management. Seems like these are the new buzzwords for enterprise learning systems. Nah, this ISD "fad" thing paid for the last convertible, so I'll stick with it for a bit. Who knows, maybe I should check Adobe job listings.