Lies, Lies, Lies… and Learning

Larry Israelite is the editor and one of the authors of Lies About Learning. I came to know Larry through Elliott Masie and the Learning Consortium, and I love his frankness on this subject, starting with the subtitle of the book, Leading Executives Separate Truth from Fiction in a $100 Billion Industry.

In the book, Larry and the gang take on a bunch of lies and myths, sometimes alternating sides, but always making strong statements. For example, Murray Christensen on Personalization: Learners Are Essentially the Same. Heresy you say? Last year, I saw a few presentations from Will Thalheimer on use of learning styles (or the "lie" about learning styles), and I have to agree, though I am not as courageous as Dr. Thalheimer with his $1000 USD challenge to the first person to demonstrate meaningful benefits from using learning styles in an instructional design.

Back to the book- I’ve lived and seen some other favorite lies from both the side of the consulting/vendor organization and the customer side of the fence, like:

  • This is the team that will work with you on this project (at an early sales meeting; who know where these people will be staffed then).
  • (All) the content and materials will be custom built for you.
  • … and from the client side, We have full support for this project and our SMEs will be available whenever you need them.

What about you? Are your pants on fire? Is your nose as long as a telephone wire?

To hear, discuss and share more lies… and how to actually learn from them, check out the free seminar on Lies About Learning this Friday, January 19.

Lies About Learning January 19, 1:00PM Eastern [GMT -05:00] Register here

The seminar looks like it will be a good discussion of some key topics. You can also get the book from Amazon- Lies About Learning. Note that is not an Amazon Associate link so I get squat for the referral, other than karma.