My Computing History

Already my close friend and personal curmudgeon has scoffed at my switcharoo (see his comment here). I have little to comment on his comment, other than to share that perhaps Microsoft provides a most excellent operating systems for the type of person who shuns human contact. But seriously folks, here is a log of computers […]

The Big Switch Begins

I love computers. Apple is putting the excitement and fun back in computing for me with the MacBook Pro, iPhone, and iPod. I plan on using all of those devices to create elearning and/or delivery elearning in the next 30 days. My journey is just begining, and it started in Shanghai (or at least that’s […]

The learning community mourns the loss of Claude Ostyn

The elearning community and especially the specification and standards world mourns the loss of Claude Ostyn ( who recently passed away after a battle with terminal illness. From his long-tenure at Asymetrix and Click2learn to his more recent independent consulting, Claude has been an advocate at the vanguard of learning frontiers. Claude Ostyn made great […]

Managers Who Are Gamers Do Well in Business

From a recent Businessweek online edition: Talk Show:According to a new study by IBM (IBM ), some multiplayer games teach skills needed to manage a modern multinational. The computer giant hired software maker Seriosity to watch people play hundreds of hours of games where leadership is required. IBM also surveyed more than 200 players among […]