Apple opens registration for iPhone Tech Talks

Apple just sent me an email with information on iPhone Tech Talks that are scheduled for

  • Los Angeles, CA 08/02
  • San Francisco, CA 08/24
  • Chicago, IL 08/28
  • New York, NY 08/30
  • New York, NY 08/31

It looks like an interesting day,and I will admit to a small amount of “return-ers remorse

Bring your notebook, your code, and your iPhone
After a morning of in-depth presentations and demonstrations, you’ll work with the experts to design, code, debug and test your solutions on iPhone. Access to your code is required.

Of course since I no longer have an iPhone and I’m not in L.A., San Francisco, Chicago or NYC, I won’t be going. I’m sure Jeff will notice the conspicuous absence of Hudson, WI as a venue– and feel no disappointment whatsoever.