A short list of the reasons why my iPhone went back to AT&T on Saturday.

  1. Couldn't accept meeting invites on it.
  2. No Cut/Copy/Paste.
  3. The keyboard.
  4. Not enough fine tuning control over email:
  5. No indicator lamp or LED- can't tell at a glance if I have voicemail/email/SMS messages-- or even if the thing is powered on.
  6. No encrypted password vault or 'eWallet' utility (I depend on this to 'remember' things like seldom-used low-stakes passwords, etc)
  7. No video out; can't use it with the cool display glasses I recently bought.
  8. No removable memory or 'mountable storage'; can't use it to transport files. The SanDisk folding SD card + USB that I use with the Treo has spoiled me.
  9. Lack of 3rd party applications/extensions.
  10. No "museum mode" for the iPod features; most of the training things I want to do I can do better on a video iPod or desktop.
  11. No Adobe Flash.Yet?
  12. It's good, borderline great, but there HAS to be a better one coming 12-18 months from now.