I'm hosting an Adobe eSeminar on eLearning this Friday and my guest will be a good friend & colleague and a true SCORM expert/pioneer, Schawn Thropp of CTC. CTC has been a key contractor for the ADL to do the coding and development of SCORM, and Schawn has been there since the begining. Here's the official session description from the Adobe site.

SCORM Solutions, Myths & Misunderstandings
In this eSeminar, Shawn Thropp will share solutions for common SCORM questions, from getting started to installing ADL software, dealing with metadata fielded and interoperability issues. Together with host Tom King, Shawn will dispell myths and rumors about SCORM development. Join us to discover how to work more effectively with SCORM.

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Schawn will provide a high-level overview of SCORM and we'll drill into some of the widespread misconceptions and challenges around implementing SCORM, including solutions to some of the most common issues addressed by the ADL HelpDesk. Good stuff.