I'm already at Coronado Springs for Learning 2007. I doubt that I'll really do much blogging at all while I'm here. However, as a Masie Fellow, I try to dabble in what may be avant-garde for learning, so I'll try to update my own twitter more often. I also created a L07 (L-zero-7) twitter at http://twitter.com/L07 so folks can follow or @reply.

If you're not familiar with twitter yet, I have some links to share to help you understand twitter or even activate twitter for your phone. You can also find people/events to follow without signing-up.

It is far less avant-garde now, but still quite useful to use a wiki. I'll also try to update the Learning 2007 wiki for session that I am facilitating (or even those I attend) That's all the best of intent though. We'll see what really happens as I head into the blizzard of ideas and activities that seems to define a Masie Learning event.

Here are the wiki pages for the sessions that I am directly involved with:

I think Larry Israelite has made me a (dis)honorary member of the Liars Club (Learning Edition), so I may be a drop-in at his More Lies About Learning session too. (btw, check out his Lies About Learning book now in paperback).

Whew. It's late here (1:20am Satuday) and I have lots to do tomorrow.

Please consider contributing to any of the wiki pages, or sending a tweet. I'm interested to learn what ideas you might have for the L07 twitter and how we could use it. You might even comment here on the blog.