Update: CNET Reports Gizmodo Banned

Unsurprisingly the CEA (CES organizers) have banned Gizmodo and are looking at further sanctions. CEA’s take on CES Gizmodo prank: Banned! This results from the earlier presentation-fouling pranks, Gizmodo CES horseplay reported all over the web. Lesson learned for presenters & trainers, prepare for the juvenile– turn off IR ports/devices/remotes you don’t need or tape […]

Rapid Syndication Surfing: FeedDemon & NetNewsWire

Reading blogs has become a primary source of news for me. I sorely missed FeedDemon when I switched to Mac. Then I found about about NetNewsWire, but dawdled on buying it. Surprise, BOTH are now free. My favorite apps list just got bigger and free-er. I’ll expand on the details of each below. Feed readers […]

Applications I Loved in 2007

Here is the promised new year follow-up with applications I really like and use. Open source stuff [Windows & Mac]: Firefox 2, Flock, Thunderbird 2, FileZilla, and Audacity All of those worked great on Windows and great on Mac. In 2004 when still using Windows for daily work, I dumped IE & Outlook and switched […]

Services/Web Solutions I Loved in 2007

Year transitions mean two things in the media (and the blogosphere)– old year recaps and new year predictions. I predict that I will get to prognostications for 2008 in a future post. I also predict I will love these things in 2008. Meantime here are some great web tools/services I had the pleasure of using […]

Quick Firefox Tip: Open Location + Address Completion

Here is a quick tip for Firefox: Enter Ctrl-L company Ctrl-Return. [Use Command-L and Command-Return on Mac.] Bam! Firefox completes it as http://www.company.com and goes there. Here is how it works. You use Control-L to automatically place the cursor in the URL address field and highlight all the text. Then type just the company name […]

Baby Got Backlinks

OK, I just watched the last 2 segments of VH1 100 Greatest Songs of the 90’s on Tivo, so please forgive the back-dated back reference. Maybe I should have gone with “D’oh, FINALLY Got Blogger Backlinks Working.” Using RAGE Google Sitemap Automator has been all the rage with me during the holiday break, but I […]