Why didn’t I think of this

Tom Kuhlmann of Articulate (and the consistently fantastic The Rapid Elearning Blog ) just posted: Is Google Making Our E-Learning Stupid? I love the phrase, the idea, and am certain the mere phrase resonates with everyone in the industry.

I might have taken the article in another direction, but, as always, Mr Kuhlmann makes it great, digestible and practical. He provides rapid elearning tips and approaches that transcend any specific tool (and apply to more than just rapid elearning). Bravo Tom.

3 thoughts on “Why didn’t I think of this

  1. It´s a well structured and sophisticated essay. I really like the idea of information and mind maping also. On the other hand I have to defend google. It´s not google that makes elearning stupid. It´s still up to every single individual

  2. Great Article!

    From the e-learning I’ve had to participate in, this power browsing style change would be quite useful to someone like me who has problems staying concentrated with no visual contact during an e-learning lesson. I wish more e-learning would move towards the exploratory ideas, as right now I really think e-learning is not realistic. It’s just not flexible enough for the real word situations, as mentioned in the final point of the article.

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