Updated Pastelets for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

The Pastelet utilities easily create javascript: bookmarks (bookmarklets) that paste a custom text string into a web page form in Mobile Safari on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. A super-handy way to have a scrapbook of text snippets you can use without leaving Mobile Safari.

The most recent releases are a very significant update. The utilities are written in HTML5 and leverage HTML5 input types for data entry. This means you can use the Email/Login version and get the email-friendly version of the Touch keyboard. Similarly, the Telephone version pops-up the numeric keypad.

Likewise, the generated bookmarklets are HTML5-savvy; when selected they “paste” their designated text into the first email form field or telephone number field found on a page (and do so in a clever way that works well with older HTML too).

Here they are with as a hyperlink and a full URL:

All of the iOS pages look a lot like the older version(s),
old “Make Pastelet” utilitynew “Email Pastelet” utility
but they do a lot more.

There is still a desktop version that also works with Internet Explorer- http://mobilemind.net/iphone

For basic information, see my original post, Paste (Frequently-used) Text into Web Forms on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch


  • The generic Make Pastelet Utility is the one to use if you’re unsure; it has the widest compatibility and lets you confirm the “paste” as it steps through the fields.
  • The Email/Login Pastelet is the one I use most. It works great for Gmail and other services where your email address is your user ID, and doesn’t require the extra step of a confirmation. It also works great with non-email user IDs on services like Remember The Milk and many others.
  • Use copy and paste with the “Your Pastelet” text box to streamline updates or changes to existing Pastelets. Start like you’re making a brand new pastelet. Next, select and copy the contents of the “Your Pastelet“ text box to the clipboard. Then use Bookmarks to edit an existing Pastelet. Simply select the old URL and paste over it. Voilá, an updated Pastelet! Streamlined with no need to create a new bookmark, save, re-open/edit, drag across that long text string and finally delete the prefix.
  • Desktop browsers let you more quickly create a slew of Pastelets, if you already sync the browser with Mobile Safari via iTunes. Just use your desktop browser to visit Email/Login Pastelet or Telephone Pastelet. Make a pastelet and simply drag the “Pastelet as link” hyperlink to your bookmark bar. Ta-da, a bookmarklet without the editing fuss. Make a bunch and then sync. You can easily fine-tune them on the device using the previous copy & paste tip.

Watch for more updates on bookmarklets and some updates on travel applications soon.