The Pastelet utilities easily create javascript: bookmarks (bookmarklets) that paste a custom text string into a web page form in Mobile Safari on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. A super-handy way to have a scrapbook of text snippets you can use without leaving Mobile Safari.

The most recent releases are a very significant update. The utilities are written in HTML5 and leverage HTML5 input types for data entry. This means you can use the Email/Login version and get the email-friendly version of the Touch keyboard. Similarly, the Telephone version pops-up the numeric keypad.

Likewise, the generated bookmarklets are HTML5-savvy; when selected they “paste” their designated text into the first email form field or telephone number field found on a page (and do so in a clever way that works well with older HTML too).

Here they are with as a hyperlink and a full URL:

All of the iOS pages look a lot like the older version(s),
old “Make Pastelet” utilitynew “Email Pastelet” utility
but they do a lot more.

There is still a desktop version that also works with Internet Explorer-

For basic information, see my original post, Paste (Frequently-used) Text into Web Forms on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch


Watch for more updates on bookmarklets and some updates on travel applications soon.