Here are a set of "Finder Droplet" utilities that I found very helpful when working with PhoneGap, and lots of other things too. Consider this a follow-up to my previous post on shell commands for Coda and TextMate.

Finder Droplets for Coda, git, TextMate, Xcode, and Terminal
Finder Toolbar showing droplets

Having these utilities in the Finder Toolbar utilities gives quick access in Terminal to any directory I can see from Finder. They also let you easily use a specific editor to open one or more files. This is very handy if the default association isn't convenient for the task at hand— especially so if there are multiple files involved.

The handiest of these utilities has been OpenTerminal. I am going to describe that second because the Shiny Droplets utilities have much better set-up instructions.

Shiny Droplets
What can I say? They are good. They are open source. The 52 second demo/how-to video explains it all. Apps like Expresso, BBEdit and others are supported as well as my favs– Coda and TextMate. Go get the Shiny Droplets now, watch the video, install and come back for more.

Open Terminal
Same concept, with detailed instructions in a PDF instead of a video. I copied Open Terminal to the same folder as Shiny Droplets. Once added to the Toolbar of your Finder window, simply click the Open Terminal icon. Bam! You are there, without doing a bunch of cd ~/Documents/folder/subfolder/sub-subfolder typing. Go get it and be sure to read the PDF.

Open in Git GUI
Last, but not least is a droplet to open the Git GUI for the current folder in Finder (or the dropped item). You can get it here:

If you prefer GitX then you might try a similar droplet;

That's it. Enjoy.