UPDATE: April 19, 2011 - Project now hosted elsewhere, see fyi-bookmarklets on Github

This is a follow-up to an earlier post on the fyi Bookmarklet. This version is optimized for iOS, and the iPad specifically. It makes it very easy to share a snippet of a web page and the URL by email.

Compared to the built-in iOS Mobile Safari action “Mail Link to this Page,” the fyiPad Bookmarklet adds the capability to automatically insert selected text from the page, without having to paste anything.

Unlike the Firefox fyi Bookmarklet, this bookmarklet can not be triggered by typing  a keyword. The install is slightly different because of Mobile Safari restrictions on adding javascript: bookmarks (bookmarklets).


Use Mobile Safari to visit the fyiPad setup page and follow the instructions on that page to save and edit the bookmark. You will likely want to rename the bookmark. On my iPad the bookmark is named “fyi” just like on my desktop Firefox browser. It is saved in the “Bookmarks Bar” folder.

Tip: For greater convenience on iPad, use the “Settings” app to choose “Safari” settings and set “Always Show Bookmarks Bar” to ON. Usage:

Activate the “fyiPad” bookmarklet by using the bookmark menu, or by tapping the bookmark in your Bookmark Bar.

This opens a new email with the page title in the email subject. The email body contains the page title and URL. If any text on the page is selected, then the selected text is also included in the body.


Version History:

Version 1.0 (April 6, 2011) newer versions available on Github

Known Issues:

Tested on iPad with iOS 4.3.1. Likely to work on iPhone.

No way to activate by typing a keyword. No way to pre-populate the new email with a recipient address.




Source on Github

Please use comments here or Github to report bugs or provide feedback. Thanks.