Github is a wonderful service and it is free to host public repositories. I'm starting to migrate projects to my account on github to make it easier to manage version control, updates, distribution and to act as a back-up for me.

The first projects to be migrated are:

Github and git are a great tool set. Github goes far beyond being “just” a remote repository and I really like what I was able to do for the “fyi” project with Github Project Pages.

Sidebar- Beanstalk has a free trial account that provide 1 private repository for svn or git. There is a good Wikipedia Comparison of Revision Control Software if you want to compare git, Mercurial, svn, etc. I used Beanstalk with Xcode 3 and svn for the duration of the UW iPhone Certificate Program and it worked very well.

With Github you can get unlimited free public repositories for free. Both Github and Beanstalk offer SSL with the free accounts. Since Xcode 4 has built-in support for git, you may want to compare account plans for Beanstalk, Github and Unfuddle git hosting. That said, I'm going to primarily use Github, but will hang on to my Beanstalk and Unfuddle accounts.

In a few days I'll post a quick run down of what I've learned about git tools for Mac OS X and iOS.