My Experience and Skills

I am an experienced technical advisor, consultant and presenter on corporate elearning and elearning specifications/standards. Specializing in integration of AICC (CMI/LMS and PENS) and ADL SCORM (run-time content communication) specifications.


This is a biographical background for speaking engagements and presentations.

Tom King has a master's degree in Instructional Design and 15 years experience developing and managing elearning materials. Tom has been actively involved with many elearning technology specification groups, including ADL SCORM, AICC, IEEE LTSC, LETSI and others. He served as AICC Communications Chairman and workgroup leader for the PENS specification. Tom was instrumental in early implementations of LMS specifications for LAN and web-based systems as an early AICC advocate and founder of Solis, maker of Pathware (acquired by Macromedia and later transferred to IBM as LearningSpace 4).

Tom enjoys a close association with the MASIE LEARNING CONSORTIUM and continues to collaborate independently with colleagues from a variety of companies offering enterprise-class elearning solutions.

As manager of eLearning Integration at Macromedia, Tom supported elearning initiatives across the range of Macromedia products. Tom initiated SCORM compatibility efforts for Authorware, Dreamweaver, and Flash, including authoring some of the initial product extensions such as, Flash fs SCORM, Dreamweaver SCORM Runtime Wrapper and Dreamweaver Manifest Maker (now maintained by Leo Lucas).

From 2003-2007, Tom hosted created and hosted a popular series of Macromedia Elearning Webinars with guest speakers including Josh Bersin, Bryan Chapman of, Jay Cross, Lance Dublin, Karl Kapp, Nader Najani, Elliott Masie, David Metcalf, Mark Oehlert and others.

Tom has held positions with Macromedia/Adobe, Authorware Inc., Andersen Consulting, Boeing, Lotus/IBM Learning Services, Questionmark and Solis. As a consultant he has contributed to the development of pilot and maintainer elearning for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, Boeing 777 commercial jetliner and the F-22 jet fighter. Other clients included major telecommunications providers, airlines, heavy equipment manufacturers, textbook publishers, financial services firms, government agencies and others.