Managers Who Are Gamers Do Well in Business

From a recent Businessweek online edition: Talk Show:According to a new study by IBM (IBM ), some multiplayer games teach skills needed to manage a modern multinational. The computer giant hired software maker Seriosity to watch people play hundreds of hours of games where leadership is required. IBM also surveyed more than 200 players among […]

More Blog Housekeeping- Added Tag Clouds

Just added some minor updates to the template for this blog, including labels tags for a bunch of older posts, and the sidebar link to the tagged posts. I’m also in the midst of a 30 day experiment with twitter and added that to the sidebar. So far, my twitter content is mostly an activity […]

Changing Address for Elearning Events

I’m changing the address to send invitations or new elearning event information due to a barage of unsolicited commercial messages and scams… even with SpamAssasin and re-routing through Gmail there were about 10-20 junk messages per day. Effective immediately, please send any invitation or request to post a new elearning event to . Access to […]

Flex for Learning Integration, Visualization and Actualization

These are exciting times for learning & talent management systems and for Adobe Flex. A few weeks ago at LMS 2007, Elliott Masie addressed what he saw as the powerful potential of Flex for visualization of enterprise learning and human performance information. As a follow-up, the Masie Center is working with Learning Consortium members and […]

Blogs, Part 2

I’m working around a Blogger issue, so here is the rest of the entry. Learning and Elearning Donald Clark– Plan BWell thought, well researched information and opinions on learning and education. Here’s a GREAT example that cites John Locke’s thoughts on education and references William James too- Habitual Learning (h-learning). Recently (and informally) dubbed a […]

Interesting Reading – Blogs I Like

UPDATE: Google Blogger is totally crappy about providing any feedback other than failure, so I’m breaking this into 2 posts. Validating the HTML of the posts with the W3C and Dreamweaver validator is useless; Blogger just silently fails with a blank screen. I perceive much of my own value as being a node in a […]

LMS 2007 / The Fischbowl: Did You Know?

Yesterday at LMS 2007, Elliott showed a bit of the "shift happens" presentation about the changing world for learners and the job market. It’s been posted and talked about all over the web, but I am re-posting/linking here for the benefit of attendees. Here’s a brief summary drawn from the original post and a link […]

Elearning Events Updates

I’ve added this month’s ITEC conference to the Elearning Events Calendar (thanks to Mark Tomlinson of ACNS for the invite & reminder). I also added I/ITSEC and a few other shows and events. Later this week I’m at LMS 2007 and in the coming days, I’ll add a few more Masie Center events, and see […]