SCORM SCO Presentation Engine (S2PE)

Here is an interesting article by Kraig Mentor on using SCORM with Director, SCORM SCO Presentation Engine. I like how this technique can greatly reduce the HTML page clutter that can build-up in manifests that use simple OBJECT tags. I like how much of the content can be externalized. It seems like a very similar […]

Right Answer: Treo, Ultra Portable, or Laptop

Based on my last post, Paul C thought I was carrying a lot of junk. It’s really quite small considering the SD card goes inside the Treo and I’ve added a charge/sync cable. Click the picture to see an actual size image. For me, this is a compliment to a laptop, with the minimum capabilities […]

How I Mobilize- Treo, PC and Apps

Someone asked about what I use for mobile work since I wrote about SyncToy and I’ve written about before. Here’s the details on hardware and my must have applications, that I use in conjunction with the SyncToy trick I wrote about yesterday. Hardware– I use a Palm Treo 650 GSM that I paid to […]

Using Microsoft PowerToys for Portable Apps & Elearning

I have some cool tips on use of the free Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP , specifically SyncToy and Taskbar Magnifier. Cool tip #1: Set-up your Portable applications per the instructions on Then go get the Microsoft SyncToy. Create a SyncToy folder pair and auto-magically synchronize your desk/lap-top and the portable drive. Then you […]

One stop for LMS Info: Brandon Hall "LMS Central"

Just noticed this in the new Brandon Hall Research Newsletter; they’ve created "LMS Central" to consolidate all their reports, vendor profiles, comparison lists and LMS-related workshops. Very handy if you need to shop or just keep current.

AICC News now online

A few weeks ago I was elected as AICC Communication Chairperson. Since then, I’ve taken on the task of doing some updates to the AICC website, including adding the AICC News blog. I encourage you to check it out if you’re interested in seeing some pretty good presentations on elearning and staying current on elearning […]

CourseBuilder Beta available for Dreamweaver 8

Adobe (as Macromedia) selected Rapid Intake to oversee the future of CourseBuilder and the Flash Learning Interactions. A beta version of CourseBuilder for Dreamweaver 8 is now available from the Rapid Intake website. Updates are summarized here, (text repeated below for convenience): CourseBuilder for Dreamweaver 8 BETA release: We have completed internal development and QA […]