SALT Call for Papers

The Society for Applied Learning Technology (SALT) has a call for papers. Abstracts are due September 15, 2007. Authors of selected abstracts will be contacted September 30, 2007. Papers are due January 20, 2008 and the SALT New Learning Technologies Conference is February 20-22, 2008. Paper/presentation topics include: Mobile Computing, Handhelds & PDAs Knowledge Management […]

Time Off for Good Behavior

I’m taking a short vacation. When I get back, I’ll update the Elearning Events Calendar and blog a bit about an organization that has recently done 1 million hours of coaching.

Adobe eSeminar on SCORM- August 3, 2007 at 10am Pacific

I’m hosting an Adobe eSeminar on eLearning this Friday and my guest will be a good friend & colleague and a true SCORM expert/pioneer, Schawn Thropp of CTC. CTC has been a key contractor for the ADL to do the coding and development of SCORM, and Schawn has been there since the begining. Here’s the […]

Apple opens registration for iPhone Tech Talks

Apple just sent me an email with information on iPhone Tech Talks that are scheduled for Los Angeles, CA 08/02 San Francisco, CA 08/24 Chicago, IL 08/28 New York, NY 08/30 New York, NY 08/31 It looks like an interesting day,and I will admit to a small amount of “return-ers remorse” Bring your notebook, your […]

Adobe on AIR Events- Premiere Example of "Seminars 2.0"

I just got back from the roving Adobe on AIR barcamp event in Seattle. The bus is cool, the APIs are cool, the AIR product/environment is cool, and the whole event approach is cool. It really struck me as a “2.0” seminar, in the “Web 2.0” sense- early feedback from users/participants, user-driven, high-tech, effective and […]

Changing Address for Elearning Events

I’m changing the address to send invitations or new elearning event information due to a barage of unsolicited commercial messages and scams… even with SpamAssasin and re-routing through Gmail there were about 10-20 junk messages per day. Effective immediately, please send any invitation or request to post a new elearning event to . Access to […]

LMS 2007 / The Fischbowl: Did You Know?

Yesterday at LMS 2007, Elliott showed a bit of the "shift happens" presentation about the changing world for learners and the job market. It’s been posted and talked about all over the web, but I am re-posting/linking here for the benefit of attendees. Here’s a brief summary drawn from the original post and a link […]

Elearning Events Updates

I’ve added this month’s ITEC conference to the Elearning Events Calendar (thanks to Mark Tomlinson of ACNS for the invite & reminder). I also added I/ITSEC and a few other shows and events. Later this week I’m at LMS 2007 and in the coming days, I’ll add a few more Masie Center events, and see […]