Google Calendar for Elearning Events

When I was at Macromedia, there were always a slew of tradeshows to attend, and I often had to juggle conflicting schedules and opportunities. I regularly pulled together a calendar with all the various events from different sources to help with planning and preparation. Now I’m trying out the new Google Calandar application on my […]

Questionmark 2006 Conference Presentation

I had a great time at the Questionmark User Conference last week in San Francisco. Thanks again to all the Questionmarkers who made it such a wonderful experience. My presentation was on Monday, with Robby Robson from IEEE LTSC and Eduworks, and Chuck Allen from the HR-XML Consortium. You can download a copy of the […]

Online Symposium on Simulations at The eLearning Guild

This one looks interesting, and doesn’t require travel. Elearning Simulation and Games Symposium February 8-10, 2006 | Online Based on the published agenda, I’d check out these sessions: The State of Simulations and Games in e-Learning (Clark Aldrich) Everything You Know About Simulation is Wrong (Rich Mesch) Engaging Learning: Effective Simulation Games By Design (Clark […]

Elearning Discussions- Breeze Live and Almost Live

Almost Live was a great local sketch comedy series done in Seattle. For years (1984-99), a troupe of talented Seattleites did topical humor and inside jokes on Boeing, Microsoft, and local neighborhoods. It came on right before Saturday Night Live, and was the best 25 minute warm-up that SNL never knew it had. Even if […]