Backing a Project on Kickstarter

I just decided to try backing a Kickstarter project, CableKeeps – for iPad, iPhone, and iPod chargers. They are clever, cute snap-on organizers for iPhone and iPad chargers & cables. The iPhone version appears below. I don’t know any of the designers/developers, but thought it was interesting enough to look into. Maybe you’ll want one or […]

iOS Git/Subversion Viewer Apps

Browsers/Viewers versus git/svn clients To be clear, these apps don’t really offer much in terms of editing code or repository push/pull. However, most offer a way to review code or code status & history (and some include syntax highlighting of the viewed code). My preferences Code Viewer 2 is my current favorite for viewing code […]

fyiPad Bookmarklet

UPDATE: April 19, 2011 – Project now hosted elsewhere, see fyi-bookmarklets on Github This is a follow-up to an earlier post on the fyi Bookmarklet. This version is optimized for iOS, and the iPad specifically. It makes it very easy to share a snippet of a web page and the URL by email. Compared to the […]