Why I returned my iPhone after just 7 days

A short list of the reasons why my iPhone went back to AT&T on Saturday. Couldn’t accept meeting invites on it. No Cut/Copy/Paste. The keyboard. Not enough fine tuning control over email: Can’t control size of email initially downloaded Only checks at pre-defined intervals; 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour… Doesn’t put things in “Sent […]

My Computing History

Already my close friend and personal curmudgeon has scoffed at my switcharoo (see his comment here). I have little to comment on his comment, other than to share that perhaps Microsoft provides a most excellent operating systems for the type of person who shuns human contact. But seriously folks, here is a log of computers […]

Nice Maps of Elearning Vendor Landscape

Somehow I stumbled on to this diagram or "mind map" of the elearning vendor landscape at European analyst Elearnity Research. Elearnity Research – Vendor Navigator A combination of that chart and the Clark Aldrich Chart of Consolidations might make for quite an interesting discussion of the future of elearning. Or at least make someone look […]

Flash + Google Maps = Flight Simulator

OK, it’s not quite a flight simulator, but Mark Caswell-Davis has built a fun "Flash 8 Google Maps" flight simulator called Goggles Flight Sim. It is really interesting to think about this as a simulation mash-up. Imagine instead of map data if a Flash movie used a business model or other data from a web […]

Portable Firefox Released

From PortableApps.com | Your Digital Life, Anywhere™:"Portable Firefox Released"Submitted by John T. Haller on April 28, 2006 – 12:38pm. Portable Firefox has been released. Portable Firefox is the popular Mozilla Firefox web browser packaged with a PortableApps Launcher as a portable app, so you can take your bookmarks, extensions and saved passwords with […]

Right Answer: Treo, Ultra Portable, or Laptop

Based on my last post, Paul C thought I was carrying a lot of junk. It’s really quite small considering the SD card goes inside the Treo and I’ve added a charge/sync cable. Click the picture to see an actual size image. For me, this is a compliment to a laptop, with the minimum capabilities […]

How I Mobilize- Treo, PC and Apps

Someone asked about what I use for mobile work since I wrote about SyncToy and I’ve written about PortableApps.com before. Here’s the details on hardware and my must have applications, that I use in conjunction with the SyncToy trick I wrote about yesterday. Hardware– I use a Palm Treo 650 GSM that I paid to […]

Using Microsoft PowerToys for Portable Apps & Elearning

I have some cool tips on use of the free Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP , specifically SyncToy and Taskbar Magnifier. Cool tip #1: Set-up your Portable applications per the instructions on PortableApps.com. Then go get the Microsoft SyncToy. Create a SyncToy folder pair and auto-magically synchronize your desk/lap-top and the portable drive. Then you […]