Creative Conglomerate

A recent client project led me to look at the available services and solutions from Adobe. Below is a partial list. While impressive, it may also be overwhelming. How many can you describe? A dozen? 30? 40? 60? Things have sure changed since my days at Macromedia. Acrobat Pro – Acrobat Reader for iOS […]

I’d never do this with my work machine

Last night I booted my MacBook Air to do 2-3 important things before I forgot. I ended up doing 8-10 things and shutting down. Then I remembered that I shut down before I did one of those important things. I powered up again and got it done. It only took a minute because booting is […]

Backing a Project on Kickstarter

I just decided to try backing a Kickstarter project, CableKeeps – for iPad, iPhone, and iPod chargers. They are clever, cute snap-on organizers for iPhone and iPad chargers & cables. The iPhone version appears below. I don’t know any of the designers/developers, but thought it was interesting enough to look into. Maybe you’ll want one or […]

iOS Git/Subversion Viewer Apps

Browsers/Viewers versus git/svn clients To be clear, these apps don’t really offer much in terms of editing code or repository push/pull. However, most offer a way to review code or code status & history (and some include syntax highlighting of the viewed code). My preferences Code Viewer 2 is my current favorite for viewing code […]

Git Tools for Mac OS X

To get my projects over to GitHub I used the command line version of Git for Mac OS X which I installed long ago to access (clone) things like PhoneGap (btw, on Win XP I’ve used msysgit – Git for Windows). However, last week I made my first attempt at pushing anything up to GitHub instead of cloning […]

Migrating My Projects to Github

Github is a wonderful service and it is free to host public repositories. I’m starting to migrate projects to my account on github to make it easier to manage version control, updates, distribution and to act as a back-up for me. The first projects to be migrated are: Pastelets on Github – which I started long […]

fyiPad Bookmarklet

UPDATE: April 19, 2011 – Project now hosted elsewhere, see fyi-bookmarklets on Github This is a follow-up to an earlier post on the fyi Bookmarklet. This version is optimized for iOS, and the iPad specifically. It makes it very easy to share a snippet of a web page and the URL by email. Compared to the […]